The 100 Club

One of the ways you can support Farndon & District Brass Band is to join the '100 Club'. Numbers are drawn each month and three prizes are awarded to the lucky numbers.

It's just £4 per month per number and the prizes get bigger the more people join. Anyone can join and have as many numbers as they want. At the moment, 76 numbers are taken. There is a roll up every 6 months (March and September) when 50% is added to the winning prize.

The 100 Club is now in it's 15th year and has raised nearly £25,000 in funds to support the band's activities. This money helps cover the purchase of new music, the purchase and repair of instruments for the main band, junior band and ensemble and other day to day expenses. This allows us, in turn, to help other charitable organisations.

So,if you'd like to join and help us out, please contact Roland Twydell (

June 2019 Draw

No. 8
Farndon £ 77.00
No. 88
Farndon £ 38.50
No. 74
Wrexham £ 15.40